Custom Made Designs

Jewelry Israel are producing high quality custom made jewelry for private and commercial clients. Our designers have extensive 17 years experience with jewelry and have perfected the delicate balance between design and then creation of this art form. All of our designers live in Israel with operational business in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where their creative talent is brought to Israel and to the world.

We will custom design you any kind of Jewelry you desire. The use state of the art design software where you can discuss with him exactly what you want and you will get to see the progression of his designs until your are totally 100% satisfied. It will then be skillfully crafted for you and we send the items to you via Post, Fedex or UPS worldwide.


Jewelry Design Artists


Step 1.   If you would like quotes on any Jewelry Designs please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with 24 hours to discuss via Skype, Telephone or Facetime.

Step 2.  After you have discussed with the designer we require 50% deposit.

For all Payments we use Paypal
Payments to Jewelry Israel (Damien Rozan)


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